Cleveland Pump Repair & Services, LLC

Repair Process

First, Inspection & Quote...

  • Equipment is received and documented for file.
  • The disassembly begins with visual inspection notes being documented.
  • Now the components are thoroughly cleaned: various grit blast methods or liquid solvent cleaning.
  • Formal inspection begins: Dimensional, NDE, Run-Outs.
  • Inspection Report is developed and issued to customer - generally supported with pictures.
  • A Recommended Repair Scope and Formal Quotation is developed for customer review, approval or modification

At this point, if desired, formal bid meetings may be required for competitive bidding of the repair. Or, on coordination with the customer, competitors can be received at our shop facility and provided the opportunity to review and inspect the equipment for the competitive bid process.

Next, the Repair Process...

  • Raw and Outsourced materials are ordered.
  • Formal component repair routings are developed. These provide the specific instructions for the shop machinists and mechanics to insure the job is done correctly and in accordance with the committed repair scope.
  • As repaired inspection data is collected: e.g. dimensional; NDE, as required; run-outs; balance; Hydro test, when required; special requirements; etc.
  • Final assembly is completed.
  • Paint and Preparation for shipment in accordance with customer requirements. 

Shipment and Post Repair...

  • Shipment is completed by commercial freight carriers or by CPR direct trucking.
  • Repair invoice is prepared and sent.
  • Repair records are filed for historical reference.

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